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The POWER of Our Platform

Possibilities. They’re virtually endless when you work with Networx Online. That’s because the telecommunications infrastructure that powers our products is our own. It’s proprietary. It’s powerful. It’s famously flexible. And it enables us to develop applications that fit the exact needs of our customers, with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

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Every Relationship Begins with a Connection.

Connect. Easier.

Relationship building is at the core of every direct sales and network marketing business. We facilitate that process by developing systems that connect tens of thousands of people across the globe, every day. But as every client knows, a system is only as good as the platform it’s running on.

So how do we convince you that our infrastructure is the very best in the industry? By making you forget it’s even there. Fast loading websites. Crystal clear conference calls. Email deliverability that’s off the charts. Webinars that feel like a live event.

Every connection is vital to your distributors. Here’s why you’ll connect easier with Networx Online…

Proprietary Infrastructure

Our telecom platform is built from the ground up with scalability, redundancy and uptime as top priorities. Hosted by a top-tier SAS 70 Type II compliant data center, our infrastructure is hardened through industry standard best practices and replicated across multiple cities to maximize uptime and reliability. Built with leading edge software, our proprietary systems distribute application load across multiple COTS servers allowing for easy scalability and redundancy.

Application Rich Framework

The flexible nature of our telecom framework is the heart and soul of our suite of products and services. The design architecture, coupled with state-of-the-art hardware, allow for efficiency and flexibility in operating numerous services simultaneously - including, but not limited to: toll-free numbers, conference bridges, voicemail platform, automated dialing applications, online meetings and faxing.

Flexible Application Development

Each day we route thousands of inbound and outbound calls through a host of phone companies. With these existing relationships, we’re able to build new applications quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, since our platform is 100% “custom built” using industry proven components, we have the flexibility to customize our applications to fit the exact needs of our clients. That is, we’re not limited by any one vendor’s feature set nor simply reselling someone else’s framework.

Disclaimer: Every testimonial on our website is from a real user of one of our systems. They do not receive compensation from us in return for their endorsements, although some may be associated with Networx Online and/or may earn free services or other compensation in consideration of services that benefit our users.

“We’ve worked with several technology providers over the years and none can hold a candle to Networx Online. Their systems are flat-out better than the competition, and they're also just great people. They're professional, they get things done, they overdeliver, and they truly care about their partnerships.”

Robby Fender

“The marketing system Networx Online built for my company is just fantastic. It looks good, it converts well, and the back office is remarkably easy to use considering how much it offers. It's not often you find a company that wows from start to finish. Networx does.”

Teri Secrest
Young Living
Millionaire Earner

“Over 30 plus years in Network Marketing, my philosophy has been if you roll up your sleeves and are ready to go to work, you'll be very successful. Networx Online is always willing to roll up their sleeves and go to work - and the work they do never fails to impress. What I like best is their approach. They listen to what you need rather than tell you. The result is a system that gives distributors the exact tools they need to be successful.”

Glenn Sparks