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Why do we obsess over things like reliability, redundancy, recoverability, outages, scalability, real-time replication, and natural disasters? So you never have to. One look inside our technology platform – including well over $1,000,000 in hardware and software investments – and you’ll see how serious we are about your data, security, and system performance.

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The Peak of Reliability

As a web services provider we understand that 24x7x365 reliability is of the utmost importance to our clients and customers. To best serve you, we have architected our technology platform to utilize hardware and software solutions that deliver the highest reliability, redundancy, and recoverability.

Networx Online’s primary operations center is in the SwitchNAP data center in Las Vegas, Nevada. SwitchNAP is one of the world's largest data center at over 2 million square feet and their high-tech fortress-like security is unparalleled. In the SwitchNAP data center we use a variety of technologies to deliver uninterrupted service. We maintain a cluster of redundant VMWare servers that automatically failover in the event of a network, hardware or power interruption.

A Backup Plan for the Backup Plan

Our database servers are replicated in real-time to backup servers that can be used in the event of an outage. Our network connectivity is delivered by five backbone providers for maximum network uptime. Finally, everything in the data center is archived nightly and copies of the backup data are sent to an offsite data center.

In addition to the operations center in Las Vegas, we maintain a backup system in Phoenix, Arizona that is available to run our entire operation in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic failure in Las Vegas.

Networx Online also leverages’s web services cloud for distributed content delivery, scalable virtual machine CPU cycles, and long-term data archiving.

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