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Custom Systems

For companies and team leaders

Our bread and butter. Leverage our results-driven technology, organizational expertise, and combined decades of industry experience. All of our custom systems are designed to help independent distributors and salespeople achieve massive success.

Our technology allows us to quickly build any type of marketing site, in conjunction with our back office technology, that is tailored to meet your needs. We provide all the resources required (designers, copywriters, programmers, etc.…) and deliver a complete beginning-to-end solution. We can also develop a mobile app to complement your online system - one that’s fully integrated with contact management, follow-up, video, and on-the-go marketing tools.

Networx Online hosts 100% of the system, and is responsible for all customer support and billing for the end users.

Custom Marketing

What it is: A complete marketing, presentation, relationship management, and training system.

Who pays: Distributors pay individually, via a monthly subscription model.

What the user gets: On the front end, a complete lead generation and marketing funnel complete with landing pages, a cutting-edge marketing site, marketing tools and more. On the back end, the industry’s best contact manager, an advanced prospect tracking system, professional follow-up campaigns, conversion tools, task management tools, a training platform and more.

Key differentiator: Our custom systems offer unparalleled functionality and features. This is an “all-in-one” marketing platform built to simplify virtually all aspects of prospecting, marketing, time management, contact management and team building.

  • 100% customizable to your needs
  • Offers lucrative client revenue sharing
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of users
  • Delivers a compelling presentation
  • Simplifies tasks that drive recruitment
  • Includes a module-based training application
  • Helps distributors achieve more in less time
  • Mobile app integration available

So much more than a system

Our clients swear by us. That’s because we’re not just a development team. We’re partners, with an intimiate knowlege of the industry and what it takes to be successful. Our systems bear the unique distinction of being the most flexible and feature rich, as well as the most user friendly - bar none. That means engaged users, massive action, and results. On top of that, our solutions are cost-effective, efficiently delivered, and offer more value for the investment than any product on the market.

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Universal Systems

For Independent Distributors

Any company. Any product. Any opportunity. Take your business to the next level… in minutes!

Join thousands using our turnkey marketing systems to achieve better results, in less time! Lead Generation. Presentation. Tracking. Organization. Follow up. Conversion. Team building. Our universal marketing systems help ordinary entrepreneurs reach extraordinary levels of success… and they’re as easy to use as they are effective!

The Mighty Giant

Are you looking for something that’s brilliantly simple to set up and use,
and that gets real results?
You need TMG. It’s a killer marketing system with powerful time saving
and response boosting features, at a
"price" you won’t believe!

Mighty Giant Video Overview

Prosperity Central

The most powerful marketing system on the market today. PC gives you everything you need to achieve massive success in your business. Powerful time-saving and conversion-boosting add-ons, plus a lucrative "affiliate program" make PC an income-generating secret weapon…

Prosperity Central Video Overview


Want to triple the results of your phone prospecting…
without working any harder?

Great news! PhoneBurner is already integrated with our universal marketing systems… and can be seamlessly integrated into any custom marketing system!

PhoneBurner is our proprietary cloud based power dialer that:

  • Dials prospects
  • Leaves powerful voicemail messages
  • Sends follow-up emails

For you… automatically!

With PhoneBurner on your side, YOU and your TEAM spend time doing what makes you the most money – talking to LIVE prospects! The automatic voicemails and follow-up email campaigns also help boost the response of the prospects you don’t talk to! Our customers swear by this tool. Find out why…

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Need a custom dialing application?

Learn about having us develop a custom dialing application for your large organization.

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Custom Mobile & Web Apps

You know that idea you have? That iPhone app? That website application? Want to make it happen?

Companies come to us with all sorts of ideas they want to implement, for growth, for branding, for enhanced communication. We’ve developed all sorts of applications to help them. Our team of programmers can come together to build a variety of tools and applications to your specifications. Contact us to discuss your project.

A few recent highlights…



An associate of ours told us about a “pickle” he recently found himself in. He needed to receive an important fax, only he had no fax number and no fax machine. Hearing about his problem, we decided to develop the solution. Thanks to FaxBurner, our associate (as well as thousands more who use our app) can now turn his smartphone into a fax machine that sends and receives faxes, and integrates with email – free.


One of our clients was looking for a way to send resources (video clips, brochures, PDFs, etc.) to prospects or groups of prospects, that would eliminate the restrictions imposed by email – including file size limitations, ability to track viewership, ability to save and group resources together for easy distribution, etc. Our team created a custom solution that allows users and teams to create “smart packs” – a collection of one or several files - that can be instantly sent to one or more parties, in seconds. SmartSender also tracks which recipients opened which files, as well as how long they are viewed, and offers several additional marketing opportunities for the user including follow-up, social media connection and more.

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Technology Highlights

Superior Data
Security Safeguards

Why do we obsess over things like reliability, redundancy, recoverability, outages, scalability, real-time replication, and natural disasters?
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Exclusive Telecom Platform

Every relationship begins with a “connection” – which is at the core of every direct sales and network marketing business.
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Database Management

As a web services provider we understand that 24x7x365 reliability is of the utmost importance to our clients and customers!
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